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Flour and Oats - Grown and Raised Local

Flour and Oats - Grown and Raised Local

At Flour & Oats, we depend on our community — because, where would we be without the people to share our cookie cravings?!  That’s why we support our local organizations: Nourish Mobile Market and The Good Samaritan Shelter.

The Good Samaritan Shelter, a non-profit in our community, helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  They provide safe housing and support services including anything from loan and savings programs to employment through the Nourish Mobile Market - a mobile farmer's market. In addition to bringing fresh local food to over six thousand families, Nourish Mobile Market has created almost $73,000 in wages for the residents of the Good Samaritan Shelter.

Throughout the year, we are supporting the Good Samaritan Shelter by collecting items needed by the residents. We can make this happen with your help.  Just check out the items on their wishlist, choose an item you can give and drop it off the next time you come by our cookie kitchen!  

The Nourish mobile food truck makes stops throughout Berks County, Chester County, and Lancaster County.  They offer a large variety of healthy food from local farm fresh produce to prepared wraps.  We're super proud that our hand made cookies are available on the Nourish food truck too.

At Flour & Oats, our favorite thing about food (besides how absolutely amazing eating it is!) is its ability to bring people together.  So, check out where Nourish Mobile market will be next and share good food that you can feel good about too!

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