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Feature Flavor: Creamy Lemon Bluberry

Feature Flavor: Creamy Lemon Bluberry

After a long, cold winter, we could not be more excited to bring back fresh summer flavors! Nothing screams summer more than Blueberries and Cream, so we created a Creamy Lemon Blueberry Cookie. On a warm day, this cookie is the perfect fresh and light afternoon snack, but off the record, it makes a great breakfast too.

To make this cookie, we start with a smooth and creamy cookie dough base. Then, to give the cookie dough a true warm and fresh flavor, we hand zest and juice lemons to fold into the dough. To finish, we toss in tiny dried blueberries for the brightest blueberry flavor and morsels of Callebaut white chocolate. 

With a soft and creamy center and crisp edges, this cookie is bursting with lemon and blueberry flavor!


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