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Easy DIY Ice Cream Sandwich

Apricot Pistachio Crunch Bar

Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Month!


Apricot Pistachio Crunch Bar

July is National Ice Cream Month!  How lucky are we to live in a country that dedicates an entire month to ice cream sandwiches?

We're helping you celebrate and keep it local with our favorite ice cream sandwich combo - Flour & Oats Cookies and local, handmade ice cream from Milky Way Farms in Chester Springs.  

Cinnamon Ice Cream and Oatmeal Cookie

Milky Way Farms has been in the Matthew's Family for four generations and offers more than 48 flavors!  Each flavor is named after a different cow on the farm, like Blossom's Butter Pecan and Belle's Blueberry Cheesecake.  

So, after you order one of their "moolicious" flavors and take a peak through the window at the huge vats of ice cream getting churned, you can sit on their porch and enjoy your premium homemade ice cream right there on the farm where it's been made for over 100 years.   

Or, you can take home a pint and sandwich it between two of your favorite Flour & Oats Cookies, which happens to be our personal favorite :) 

Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and Chocolate Chunk Cookie

A DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Bar also makes a fun and easy addition to your summer BBQ.  Just line up all the critical stations - Flour & Oats Cookie Platter, a of Milky Way's pre-packaged quarts and pints on ice, and of course toppings!  We recommend sprinkles, chocolate chips, or crushed pretzels to roll the sides in.  

To get your mouth watering, here's some of our favorite Flour & Oats and Milky Way flavor combos:

Ice Cream Sandwich


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